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96 Camry LE
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I am planning to do a breathing upgrade for my 96 I4 pretty soon, I still dont have a great understanding of these things, so please throw your two cents in.

I want to use: weapon R's dragon intake (or do I want AEM?)
Ripp Modd's header w/ high flow cat.
(?) stock V6 muffler with visual improvments (in other words, not modding performance at all)
or (?) finding an after market exhaust to match my goals.

"Goals" for this upgrade being better overall performance.
low rpm torque is in emphesis, this wont be my race car (but it still needs to keep me satisfied untill I build one :thumbsup: ). I also want it to give me a deeper sound. Loadness isnt a goal for sure, just good tone. Almost like the car actually had balls :)

Also, I thought that 2.25" would be the right way to get more power without sacrificing too much low-end torque. Is this intelligent thinking? What do you guys have?
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