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Intake Manifold

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So i diagnosed my 2003 with the rattling noise caused by a faulty intake manifold. At first i thought it was my serpentine belt because toyota told me i should get it replaced when i went in for an oil change but then i started to search and read about this problem. I'm guessing its the intake manifold because its described as a rattling noise at idle that gets louder when you accerlate and thats what i'm getting. I'm sure some of you have seen or heard about this issue. Anyways i have read in some places that this is covered under the 5yr/60000 powertrain warranty. Anybody know this for sure? I've seen mixed comments on it. It is really expensive to replace out of the pocket. Ranging anywhere from $500-$700. So getting it done under warranty would be a whole lot better. I need answers soon because im at 58800 miles right now! Thanks in advance!
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its prlly just your injectors fireing. My 05 has the noise, but i know its the injectors in my case because it was only an issue in 03-04 vehicles. I know the TSB is somewhere on the forum if you just use the search button. But replacing it isn't necessary, no performance gains.
I had the same rattling noise and I had my intake manifold replaced at about 47k. So in my case, they covered it under warranty. They were reluctant at first and they tried to make me pay. But to make a long story short, they fixed it for free and the rattling went away.

I can't remember the exact amount I was quoted for the replacement at first but it was definitely something I wasn't looking forward to paying. My advice is to try the dealership and if they don't listen call the main Toyota HQ. The intake manifold for the 2003 is a well known problem by Toyota.
Well i brought the car to the dealership today and they diagnosed the problem as being the infamous rattle from the intake. It's very disappointing that toyota hasn't recalled this problem. Alot of people have been saying that this is covered under the 5 yr/60k mile warranty and that it is listed in the toyota warranty manual. So i will check it out, but i read somewhere that it is a good idea to get in contact with toyota HQ and see if you can get the OK from them first and then have the dealership call and verify it. Anyone know the # for Toyota Customer Relations or another # where i can bring up this issue?
I think this is the number: 1-800-331-4331. Good luck.
I had the same issue with my intake manifold...the first time i had my dad go on and they supposedly replaced some belt and the noise was still there.....
i went in at 35k and change...right before my 3yr/36000 mile warranty ended and they changed the manifold for free...the sound went shoulld be covered...theres no reason to have the owner pay for faulty parts...
Awesome! I called toyota and argued my way into getting it replaced for free under warranty!
Glad we could help. :)
it is covered under 5yr/60000 powertrain warranty just had mine done on 2/15/2007 with 58,000 miles on my car .had call corp one phone call and it was done.
^^^yea i did the same thing, called corp. They then sent a notification to my dealership and they called me a day after and said it would be fixed under the 5yr/60000 mile warranty. I had mine replaced about a month ago with 59,500 miles on the car. Talk about lucky to catch it when i did!
Before getting my car fixed at the dealership, I took it to a local tire shop to see if they could fix it. They could fix it for cheaper than the dealership but the manager inspected my car and told me that he had seen something he had never seen before on any car. The intake manifold on our cars was made of PLASTIC! He immediately started looking up service bulletins and recalls and was nice enough (Southern hospitality I guess :D) to give me the information about the TSB. He also called the dealership for me but I had to call Toyota Corp and do a couple of somersaults to get my car fixed for free at the end.
what did u guys say when calling corporate to get them to agree to change the manifold? i have the 2002 camry and am also interested in getting this fixed before it is too late.
Dapuzzlar said:
what did u guys say when calling corporate to get them to agree to change the manifold? i have the 2002 camry and am also interested in getting this fixed before it is too late.
I forgot exactly what page in the owners warranty manual booklet but the part where it lists the types of warranties and exactly what is covered under them it says the intake manifold directly under the 5yr/60000 mile powertrain warranty and even under the 70000 mile emissions warranty. When i called Toyota Corp i basically just said "theres no need to argue, you guys wrote the book and it clearly states it in the owners warranty manual, so i don't know why my dealership is trying to deny the fact that its not covered." (P.S. have the name of the dealership and the name of the service manager handy where you plan on getting it replaced) Toyota corp then told me that they would send a notification to the dealership letting them know that it was indeed covered under the powertrain warranty and to wait to hear from the service manager. The dealership called me the next day first thing in the morning to tell me they would fix the car under warranty and apparently the original TSB they showed me had a misprint...BULLSHIT!
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