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intake question

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Hi all I'm Alan this is my first post and as you guessed I made a newbie mistake. I have an 04 se 4cyl. I just bought a weapon R intake and I'm lost with all the tubes on this thing. Upon searching I found a similar thread where the dude put a breather filter on the mystery bung on his intake pipe. he got a CEL but never revised the thread. I don't have a camera so I'll describe it the best I can.
There are an assort. of sensors and tubes that plugged onto the factory box. I have the intake pipe installed onto the throttle body. then there's a 15 mm tube that goes into the intake pipe from top of the motor. thats like factory no prob there. then there's two 10mm tubes one from the throttle body and the other is a evap. line with a little green check valve on it. those two were never apart of the factory airbox but they clipped onto the airbox and were joined by a sensor. the installation requires one of these lines plug into the intake and the other gets a mini breather filter but doesn't specify which one is which (no suprise) my question is would the 10mm line off the throttle get a breather or the evap line? sorry if this has been covered I couldn't find it also thanks for any worthwhile replies.
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The guy I was talking about was ELBE127 he had a similar problem but never really finished the thread. someone else mentioned the bung on the pipe was for an OBD canister or something!
Again thanks!
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