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Hello All. Quick question. Did i install my intake correctly? Did i put the correct hoses in the right places? By the battery there were 2 hoses from the stock intake. Do i need to connect those? Or is it fine the way it is with the hose connecting from the tube to whatever was underneath that cover? Thanks

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2 pipes from what i remember are to be capped. rest need to be connected. i installed one along with my friend so kind of remember. the instructions are shaddy so if u upload a pic of the last page i'll remember how we did it.

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Your install seems ok but you can also remove the stock intake components (the black plastic scoop thing on towards the front of the car) if you want to.

Like Pawel said, make sure those two little nubs are covered by the provided rubber caps.

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The K&N instructions show the two hoses that you have exposed to do the following:

1) At the factory "T" fitting install the longer of the two vacuum hoses provided by K&N.

2) Connect the other end of that line to the intake manifold plenum connection on the engine.

3)The second line that you have in the picture (the one without the "t" fitting) you will use the other supplied vacuum line, and connect it to that hose and then to the small vacuum line connection on the K&N intake tube.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense and i'll scan the directions and email them to you. Kewl?
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