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I have a beautiful Harbor Gray Metallic 2019 Avalon Hybrid Limited. When I upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone Xr, a problem between integrated navigation, the radio (Sirius) and Apple Car Play began. When the navigation voice commands start, the radio goes silent because the speakers switch to iPhone (a Toyota Field Tech Rep (FTR) showed me this). I re-engage the audio (either touch Audio-Source-Sirius or a voice command to switch audio to Sirius). Once re-engaged, there is no further conflict with the navigation voice commands...for that particular trip. It starts again with the next trip. My dealership has taken this as far as they can -- including bringing in the Toyota Field Tech Rep on my 4th visit to try to resolve the issue. This problem was not present with iPhone 6 -- but Xr was definitely out when I purchased in May 2019, so the problem must have been known. Toyota appears uninterested in resolving the problem. I am very interested in any guidance this group can provide to get Toyota's attention. I was promised complete integration between Car Play & Navigation . This is Toyota's top of line luxury car and one would expect them to live up to promises.
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