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Interchangeable model years

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What all year sr5 pickups are majorly interchangable with an 86?
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what are you looking to interchange

You will find that a lot of the body parts are interchangeable along with some of the drive line as well.... like a 86 -88 all the parts can be used with both one thing you would find different from the 86 and 88 is the wireing for injecters different hookup styl but you can use the wires from a 88 in a 86 as long as you use the injecters that go with the wires trans and the likes are same same if you was to look the same goes for the 4 runner as well .

I know this for i have used injecters and wires in this way I have a few different trucks as do friends... 84-85 4x4 used the sold front axel and if you was to use a trans from a 86-88 you will note this would put the shaft off center of the yoke some would go for using a trans from a 84-85 on a 86-88 drive line they work but are off center from the differenal
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