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:hi: Hey TN,...You've got to give me the real. I was kinda set on doing some Eibach lowering springs, just to give myself 'just enough' cosmetic drop. The streets here (New Orleans) are the absolute worse and I just don't want to risk spending in one spot, only for me to have additional costs in other areas (i.e suspension issues, constant alignments, & more than frequent tire purchases).

So check this out, I went to Sears about the springs & they completely advised me not to do it, citing the very same things! :facepalm: And it's discouraging for a spot to refuse a such a sale to a stranger! You would think they would be 'go'head jackass, and we'll be getting that & future sales out your ass for alignments and tires every 6 months'! LMAO!

Damn, honest southerners, I swear!! They didn't even try to upsale me towards going to coilovers. WTDeal!?? :help: Am I missing something here?
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