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Hello from Greece!
I just bought a second hand Toyota Auris (European model) 1.6 petrol 2007
I have the following problems:

1) I have change my steering wheel from Toyota Auris European model 2007 to 2010 steering wheel that have one and only button for
Display control on the right. This display button is not working! Can you please give me instructions how to connect this button to
the socket and provide electric diagram with sockets, numbers and wire colors?

2) I have change instruments speedometer panel from 2007 to 2010 model (from orange speedometer ring lighting to white) with part
number 83800-0ZC20-D because the new model lighting is better i thing.
The problem is that wen i connect the socket from the new one to the car and turn the key on everything works (i thing) except
temperature display that bling to the top high level (two top bars blinging).
Someone told me that i have to change water temperature sensor also. If so, what is the part number of the right one?

Please help!
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