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interior: fiberglass or dye it???

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I know that I am new here but I want to jump right in. I have a 96 camry and will be changing the color scheme of my interior. My only problem is that I'm not sure which I prefer nor which is more durable. I want it to look good but also last. So, I want anyone with an opinion on this to please post. Do you think fiberglassing or dyeing the dash and trim is better. If fiberglass, which seems to be the best? If dye which is the best? It sems to me that most people recomend SEM. Any reply's will be helpful. :)
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Well, like I said thanks for any and all post. I'll take all of it into consideration before I make my final decission. So, what I get so far is that dyeing will rub off or scratch real easy, and fiberglassing is hard and time consuming. But lets say I have someone that will do the fiberglassing for me, and can do a very good quality job. Would you still say stay away from fiberglass? Also how hard is wrapping your dash and trim?
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