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My 2017 Camry Hybrid XLE's Glovebox does not work. I removed the fixture and took it with the small LED chip to my local Toyota Dealer to see about getting a replacement part. They were baffled and so they emailed Toyota and told me, "Toyota emailed me back & said, due to the fact that that lamp is an LED type light, it only comes with the wiring harness." I find it hard to believe that Toyota would design a system that if the glove box light goes out you would have to rewire your dashboard! The bezel came out easily enough, the fixture just snaps in, the wires are not soldered in (they push into slots) and the LED chip slides out of the contacts with no problem. The voltage coming from the wires is reduced and won't light a regular bulb.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I have attached a photo below with a dime to indicate scale. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
T. Ireland

PS I just tested the little fixture with a 9-volt battery (suggested in one of the previous posts) and there is nothing wrong with the LED light! That must mean the switch is bad. Dang it!
Personally I just cut off the factory light and wired in my own 194 bulb socket with inline fuse. I made a lens out of a piece of plastic I had to cover up the hole, retaining the original housing/assembly clip minus the light and circuit board, basically zip tied the new socket to the existing assembly. 194 bulbs are cheap, easy to find and available in a whole variety of 'flavors' to suit your needs. I picked a nice natural white LED one.

Here's some old photos I took before I changed the socket from a 74 to 194:
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