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What can cause that? I start my camry and sometimes clock stays dark + reading lights and dome light wont work.

Sometimes they work like nothing. Fuse is good and ive replaced it.

And when clock starts to work after darkness, its not on time so its been off power also.

Ignition switch gives power to radio memory also and it works well so it cant be ignition switch? All other things work well.

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It's possible that your positive battery cable has corrosion under the sheathing, or even green crud at the connections. That would limit volatage, but if it's starting OK I doubt that is the problem. Could also be corrosion on a circuit wires.

Are all the components you've having the problem with on the same fuse?

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I'd say check the ground(s) for that circuit.

Clock and interior lights are in same fuse and all work sometime sometime not. All other devices work 100% time + dash lights.
Here's some high class diagrams for you.

The first one is what you want to go over first.

Yellow Highlights are grounds,fuses, or relays.
Red Highlights are switches. Make sure they are making contacts. I forgot to highlight the main interior lights switches, but definitely remove and check those as well. They get loose.

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