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'98 Toyota Camry, V6, automatic.
I have an intermittant no start. Sometimes it'll crank and crank but not start, other times it'll fire right up. Sometimes if you flip the key over, it'll start. Other times, it won't start unless you wait 15mins to an hour.

The dealership tried reprogramming the key (new key), and replacing the ignitor, but the problem persists.

Through a search on this forum, I stumbled across an article (
which points out the immobilizer system on these cars which could produce these exact symptoms, especially in light of the fact that sometimes flipping the key over will solve the problem.

Anyone have any experience with this? If it is the problem, I assume the solution involves replacing the ignition switch assembly, correct? If so, is that process difficult, or is it doable by a competant shade-tree mechanic?

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