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For those of you with 3rd gen tercels who want intermittent wipers, there is an easy way. Well, sort of. Read on...

I snaked the turn/light and wiper cluster off of a Camry about the same year as mine (87). The harness connector and pins are pretty much the same, the stock tercel one is an A35, the camry's is an A24.

I ended up swapping the left hand stick (lights/hazard) from the camry's cluster to the switch assembly on the tercel as the camry's light switch assembly doesn't have the hazard switch built into it. This also meant that I had to use the plastic piece from the tercel that the switch assembly gets screwed into as there is no notch for the hazard switch on the one for the camry.

The other problem I had was there were some other plastic pieces I had to trim inside this housing that the 2 switch assemblies sit into. It fits now though. :thumbsup:

The other cool thing about this is that I now have a nice camry steering wheel on my tercel!

There was probably an easier way to do this but I did it more for the fun and bragging rights than anything else. I am planning on making another one as a spare and when I do I will document it if anyone is interested. I took a few pics this time around but I think it would be beneficial to have a step-by-step how-to.
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