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Hello all!

So this is going to be my intro thread, but as I am not a Scion owner myself, it will likely be my only thread as well. That said, I hope to be posting quite a bit of technical info here.

A bit about me: Name is Grey, I live in Albuquerque, NM. I have a lot of technical automotive experience, and have always been a Toyota fan, although I do not currently own one. My pet project is a '92 Eagle Talon TSi AWD, that should make in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower at the ground, and my goal is to trap low 140's - I'd be happy to give details to anyone who is interested.

How I ended up here: A good friend of mine has a Scion Xd, well, actually his wife has an Xd. Long story short, the water pump seized up, killed the serpentine belt, engine overheated, and now it won't run, and that where we are at currently.

So let's get down to business.

The engine cranks, and makes no abnormal noises, no scraping, slapping, or crunching sounds, but it cranks to fast and to freely, indicating a loss of compression. We have yet to disassemble, but since it was a water pump failure resulting in an overheating situation, and now a lack of compression, we assume that the head is warped, thus loosing the compression seal at the headgasket.

Toyota quoted a new engine from the factory at $5k+, but since we are both experienced mechanics, we decided that the best course of action would be to get a FSM, diagnose, and repair.


We also like things that go zoom, so naturally our minds drifted towards potential upgrades, and that is what lead me here. Most the people in my local car community wouldn't look twice at anything that would ET slower than 13.0, so finding knowledge on modern Toyota 4 cylinders is basically impossible.

So here's what we are looking at:

Most likely: Replace head and restore to OEM performance.

Fantasy, but potential: Replace the 2ZR with a 2ZZ

Least likely: Replace the ZR head with a ZZ head

Other options: Everything in between

I am looking for knowledge/information regarding engine swap compatibility between the ZR and ZZ platforms. Do they share engine mount locations? Bellhousing configurations? What is the harness compatibility? I imagine they use a similar suite of sensors - would the entire engine harness need to be replaced, or could we get away with just the ECU?

What about head deck configurations? Is is possible to swap a 2ZZ head onto a 2ZR block? This is the digital age, so I kind of doubt it, but it occurred to me none-the-less.

Last, I know there are a couple generations of the 2ZR engine, but I also know that Toyota changed their method for testing/reporting/advertising engine output. So I wonder if there are any parts that can be interchanged north on the shortblock to get the best possible 2ZR performance, such as head, cams, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, or ECU.

If nobody has any technical information to share, or experience going this deep into a 2ZR, well, there will likely be a pictoral journal of the process here for others to reference, although, we could still be a while out before the real work starts. Thanks for reading, I hope to contribute some info and experience to the community.

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Sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this.

I don't have any technical specs on the heads, housings etc, but like yourself i doubt a ZZ head will fit the ZR block. The engines are not in the same family, though they share the same displacement.

I've seen a 1zz engine from a Celica have a different arrangement to the trans bell housing then a 1zz from a Corolla, while at the same time, I took an 05 xB transmission that wasn't supposed to work in my echo, and bolted it right in with no issues. It's hard to know what will and wont work. :/

Best of luck on your project. Keep us up to date on any work, and feel free to ask questions. We'll answer as best we can. :)
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