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Introducing myself - some of you may know me already ... 56k warning

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Greetings. I am Angel - owner of several sites (I am not here to spam, if you want to find my sites, it isn't difficult) :)

My current vehicles include
1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo - stock except 3" exhaust - 200rwhp @ 11psi
1997 Mitsubishi Mirage LS - daily driver

and of course ... the reason I am posting
1993 Lexus SC300 Turbo -

Here are a few pics of my ride and such:

If you are interested in checking out my mods, etc, everything can be found at - here is a brief summary:

SP63 w/ .81 AR, SP manifold, SP downpipe, HKS GT Wastegate, SupraTT Midpipe, 3" Single exit Exhaust, GReddy 3 row FMIC, GReddy 2mm Headgasket, 2x Walbro GSS341 pumps in tank, 72lbs injectors, Aeromotive FPR, Blitz BOV, AEM EMS standalone running v0.89

Within 2 weeks I will be installing an MSD 6A and hitting the dyno with some race gas shooting for 650rwhp ... but I would be happy with just 600 :)

Anyway ... just ran into the site and thought I would introduce myself. My Toyota MR2 will be back on the road again next week, so the modding will begin on that car also.
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:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: Awesome, welcome to TN
awesome ride man! Have u ran it at the strip yet? Do you have a getrag swap? If you already aren't a member, we'd love to have you at also.
I am Angel @ ClubLexus.

I am running the OEM W58 5 speed tranny.

12.9 @ 119 on 225s with no LSD. :)
:thumbup: nice car welcome to tn.
Just wanted to say nice rides, especially the lexus and welcome to TN!:thumbup:
whoa .. nice dyno #s!!! i think you should be able to run at least 11s with them numbers.. =) must be the traction thats killing you.
Yeah, when I was at the track I was still on 7" wide rims with Toyo 225s on the rear. I do not have LSD either, so that doesn't help much :)

Another update for everyone.

My dynos were unfortunately wastegate limited. After not being able to make more than 21 or so PSI with my boost controller, we opted to pull the line to the wastegate and just keep an eye on the Boost Guage ... if it goes to high, LET OUT OF IT!

I was running Torco 110 octane leaded gas.

This was a pump gas pull at 11 psi:

This was a pump gas pull at 19 psi:
(see what my elite tuning skills can do - got rid of that huge drop at 6,250rpm)

This was a race gas pull at approximately 22 psi

I think with some more time on the dyno and some more race gas I could probably get it nice and smooth like the 19 psi pump gas pull.

Here is a comparison dyno from 11psi to 22psi :)

Here is another graph where I was able to almost totally get rid of the dip in power. Numbers were a bit low because I had just done like 10-15 straight pulls. It really wants to clear up that dip if I make it go leaner, but that was about as far lean as I was willing to push it.

Thanks again Xotic Motorsports, you know I will be back for more when I get a better wastegate spring :)

As far as I know, I broke my own *stock block* SC300 record. Shooting for the all time GE record someday :)

Just as a side note, I did 30 pulls in total today. Car is still running great :)
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Wow! Those numbers are insane. Nice ride.
Here is a video I made of my car yesterday ...
14 Megs
Check it out: (right click, save as ... PLEASE!)

Feel free to share the video with whoever you please :)

Comments are welcome.
Sweet car! BTW: I am on Clublexus too (LCA575).
Your lex is so clean, what a sleeper! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :eek:
Holy moly! I'm just picturing that car actually on the street. I would never have guessed +500WHP!! Sleeper indeed. Welcome to TN Angel.

btw-I'm moving this to the Me/Mine/Mods section
can we see some pics of the mr2 please..........:D

welcome to TN...nice SC...u must surprise alot of unsuspecting ppls......:thumbup:
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