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Since many guys are especially very interested in our E1052 for Toyta Camry, now we'd like to list out the full information here for your easy reference, including videos, pics, and specs.

7 inch Touch Screen LCD DVD Player Special for 2007 /2008 Toyota CAMRY, 2009 Toyota CAMRY CE / LE Sedan Auto
Touch Screen DIVX/DVD/MP3/VCD/CD Player TV Tuner Radio (AM/FM) Tuner USB Port /SD Slot Support Bluetooth Function

Special for 2007 Toyota CAMRY, 2008 Toyota CAMRY, 2009 Toyota CAMRY CE Sedan Auto, and 2009 Toyota CAMRY LE Sedan Auto

- Power Supply: DC 12V
- Max Working Current: 10 A
- Standard Double Din Mounting Size
- Car Audio & Video System
- Super Anti-Shock System (ESP Function)
- Control Panel Night Illumination Function
- Steering Wheel Control Function

- Gross Weight: 4.0 KG

-Compatible Format: DIVX5.0/DVD/VCD/MP3/CD/CD-RW/JPEG
- DVD OSD Language: English /Chinese /German/Spanish/French/Portuguese
- Audio/ Subtitle Language: English /Chinese /German/Spanish/French/Portuguese

- Screen type : 7 inch touch screen
- Resolution: 480 * RGB * 234
- Image Brightness / Contrast/ Color / Saturation adjustable

- Can make and receive calls hands-freely
- Built-in Microphone in the control panel
- Support Bluetooth MP3 Player Function (Attention: This function is limited in using with the mobile phone which supports the Bluetooth Audio Output)

- TV tuner type: Analog TV tuner (Analog TV is transmitted in a manner similar to radio. If you want Digital TV which sends and receives of great moving images and sound, you can add our E770 DVBT. More information about Analog and Digital TV, please find it here.)
- 1× TV Antenna
- TV System:NTSC/PAL
(NTSC is a video signal standard used by the color television industry in the United States and Japan. PAL is a video standard used by the color television industry and is the common standard used in Europe. Want to know what fit system applied in your country? Please click here.)
- Stations: 30 Preset stations
- FM(3*6)87.5-108MHz(Europe) Increment 0.05MHz
- AM(2*6)522-1620KHz Increment 9KHz
- Built-In RDS Radio Receiver Function (Your radio can display rich data such as the name of the station or the track name, for FM radio signals)

Audio & Video
- Max power: Loud 4×45W (The stereo sound quality when turn to the loudest volume)
- EQ (Effect Compensation): POP, ROCK, CLASS
- Auto-memory Function: help you return to the last time the music or video stopped.

Input & Output
RCA Audio:

- FR/FL/RR/RL output (Front Right/ Front Left/ Rear Right/ Rear left. Used for connect audio media, red and white wires for audio connectors)
- 1 x AUX Audio R/L input
RCA Video:
- 2 x video output
- 1 x Back Sight input(CCD Video Input)
-1 x AUX video input (Used for connect video media, yellow wires for video connectors.)
- 1 x TV Antenna Input
- 1 x Radio Antenna Input
- Built in amplifier FR/FL/RR/RL (Front Right/ Front Left/ Rear Right/ Rear left) 4-Channel Audio Output
- USB Port (It is a great way to hook up your portable media player with your car entertainment center):Can support soft drive such as USB flash drive, or MP3 player with maximum 2G compatibility, can’t support portable hard drive.
- SD Card Port: Can support SD Card of maximum 2G compatibility
- 1×User's Manual
- 1×Remote Controller (Battery inside)
- 1×Power Cable
- 1×TV Antenna
- 1×USB Cable
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