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Just thought Id say hello as Im new here. I own a black 95 Supra RZ-S VVTi, its auto before anyone says anything:lol:

I admit Im quite a ricer at the minute, with the only performance mods being Apexi powerflow induction kit, and Blitz Nur spec R exhaust system, plus HKS SSQ BOV which I havent actually fitted yet. When Ive got some money though, and after Ive bought some new wheels, Ive got a few plans for this car ;)

If anyone wants to know what it looks like, its the black one parked with the MKIV owners club at Santa Pod in my sig. If you want more pics, just ask I have loads lol. Any other angles you want of the car and Ill happily take pics.
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welcome to TN.
that doesn't look rice to me:confused:
Thanks :)

Although its the turbo model, so it pushes about 326bhp, Ive been called a ricer on a few occasions for concentrating on aesthetics rather than power first.

Hopefully, in a few months, the car should be at 500bhp. Thats my aim for her anyway.
Welcome to TN... Lookin good with the MKIV :D
Thanks :)

Im bored and its raining again :disappoin so I thought Id put some more pics up.

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Looks great :) Welcome
Thats a nice car :D
Thanks a lot :)

Any ideas why 3 of those pictures didnt show up? lol Im useless with these computer..things.:lol:
sorry man that wings gotta go

i love LOVEEEE supras with out rims
you gotta get rid of that wing!!.. but other than that.. nice car!!
Its a mans wing :D

Its a standard veilside wing, came with the kit. If I could have afforded to mix and match, Id have a bomex front and TRD spoiler on there :cool: :p:
I happen to like the whole car :) even the wing lol
I love your ride man! :thumbup: Being auto keeps one hand free for eating french fries and other stuff and the wing gives you a place to put your drink ;)
Hey Man Welcome to TN:) I'm moving to Europe in a couple of months and I'm thinking about going to England to buy a Toyota Chaser, R33 or 34 Skyline GT-R V-Spec, an Evo 6, or a Supra.

How much do these cars go for in England?

Thanks :)

Ill admit I dont see any chasers over here. As for the rest:

R33 - approx £15k (GTR V spec)

R34 - approx £30k (GTR V-Spec II)

Evo 6 - approx £15k (GSR)

Supra - anywhere from £7k - £20k (average price about £11k) (TT)

Over here, the prices of the cars are quite cheap, its the insurance thats the killer:disappoin
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Thanks man for answering my question. Looks like I'm gonna start saving up soon to get my Future Supercar:D
Dude they're quite cheap. I think 1 euro = 1.2 dollars. So its around 20-25k for a supra which is around the price of a camry around here.

And dude set your goals higher. Supras were made to handle i think about 1000 hp just like the rx-8.
900bhp on the stock block, 700bhp on the stock fuel delivery :)

Supras were built to be dyno queens. Traction on the otherhand, isnt your friend :lol:

If you do end up with a high bhp Supra, buy a racelogic traction control system, otherwise you can end up just sitting there and spinning lol.

If you want, I can convert all those prices into USD $$?
Very nice ride. At least your "downforce" spoiler is on a rear-wheel drive, unlike our civics over here, man, on those cars they really are cup holders, or shopping cart handles.

Hey so if we were to import a car from there to canada, all the regulations are the same right? Say I wanted to bring over a black automatic with about 326bhp?!!:naughty:
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