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iPod and the Aux. Jack

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I have a 2006 Solara convertible with the JBL 6 cd stereo. There's an Aux. jack in the car, but it isn't directly on the face of the stereo itself (it's below it in front of the shifter).

Is using this Aux. jack a way to connect my iPod to the stereo? I bought a special wire and made the connection, but now I don't know what to press on the stereo itself to access it. As far as I can tell, there's no "Aux." button on the JBL stereo.

I'm thinking maybe this Aux. jack is un-related to the stereo system. Can anybody shed some light onto this? Thanks!

- Chris
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Are you sure someone didn't add an aftermarket audio jack to your car? The '06 owners manual (check yours to be sure) says nothing about an audio jack and the radio control instructions make no mention of switching to that source.

Some owners (myself included) have added jacks in various spots around the car. I put one in the center console and one in the center storage area below the radio/ac control panel. If that's what you have then access is via the CD button on the radio. No "special" cable should be needed. Just an ordinary male/male 1/8" stereo plug. Once connected to the plug in your car start your player, turn on your radio and push the CD button until it displays track 1 - 0. With any luck you'll hear the audio from your player. You can control volume from your steering wheel control.

The ipod/iphone to cassette adapter works surprising well in my '06 convertible. No need for 1/8" stereo plug on the head unit.
They need to start making their radios with a USB 2.0 port for MP3 playback.

My 2010 Corolla has the auxiliary jack. Useless to me. Couldn't be bothered going out to buy the cable and wire up my Walkman. Even the cheapest shelf system you buy nowadays has USB 2.0
Thanks for your reply - clearly written and makes sense. I think you're right, the jack probably is after-market (though the work done is clean and looks good) because there is no mention at all of the jack in the owner's manual.

But I still couldn't get it to work. No response from the cd function or any (and all) others I tried. I think I'm moving towards the FM transmitter route and will hope for the best. Thanks again, I appreciate your advice.
- CK
Regular Aux Input Install

Hey Gadgetjq,
If you don't mind me asking how did you go about doing that? I have the E7001 Nav unit in my 2006 Solara Conv. I have always wanted to put an aux input somewhere but am never sure what connections I need or how to get to the back of the unit. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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I hope you get an answer to this, as I have an '06 nav unit, too.
The Solution

I hope you get an answer to this, as I have an '06 nav unit, too.
I've reposted my 'how to' for the project here: I'll keep it available for a few days.

One major note. This was done with the factory JBL head unit and not the nav unit. I don't know whether you have the port in the back of your radio so you might want to check it out before collecting parts.

Cheers ;)
Um I think this is probably what the back of the NAV E7001 in the '06 Solara looks like. I already ordered the parts. I will give it a try and post my findings. If you look at the middle of the picture, that smaller port looks like what I will be reaching for.
AUX In for solara

I have an '04 W/Navi (E7001) which is an even harder problem. I am currently investigating but there may be an E7001 with changer controls and one without (mine) which makes it harder to find an adapter harness.

Check out these places online:
I'm not sure which one has the best solution, I am currently awaiting emails.:disappoin
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