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iPod "Error 3" issue

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Hi All,
I just purchased my 2010 Venza last week and love it so far with exception of one issue that has been popping up at random times. Whenever I leave my iPod plugged into the USB port (with the stereo turned on or off) most of the time when I turn the car back on I get a blinking “Error 3” message on the stereo dash whenever I try to switch to the iPod. Turning the stereo off and on doesn’t seem to clear the error; neither does unplugging the iPod from the cable or the cable from the USB port, still get the “Error 3” message when trying to switch to the AUX input for the iPod.

If I unplug the iPod from the cable or the cable form the USB port before turning the car off everything works fine when I plug it back in the next time the car is on. If I leave the iPod plugged in when turning the car off and get the “Error 3” message the only sure way I have found to get around it is to unplug the iPod and turn the car off. When I turn the car back on it works fine.

I know some other people have had the same issue on other forums but no one has been able to provide a viable solution outside of unplugging the iPod every time you turn the car off. Someone mentioned that they replaced the USB cable to a new one and it has been working without any issues since then.
Anyone come across this issue and if so how have you resolved it? This also seems like a software issue that should be easily remedied with a software update. Outside of this inconvenience I have been more than satisfied with my new purchase.
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I just got the same error with my iPhone and the cable is nearly new, so I don't think its the cables. Kind of annoying to have to unplug the phone each time as you mentioned above. Time to load up the USB stick I guess ...
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