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Ipod mini install in camry

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My ipod install

Basically my ipod mini is in my dock which is connected to the ipod charger and the auxiliary port from my headunit. Its hidden behind the dock and I think it looks great. Maybe soon I will paint the dock black...

tell me what you think
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Looks nice. Yea I think you paint it black to blend in more.
ya its a sony mdx-630, I got it specifically for the aux port

also when I get back home, im going to get some krylon fusion(works with plastics) to paint it black
looks good ! show us the updated pick with it black..:thumbsup:
nah, just paint the rest of the interior white.. :)

But it looks good
I'd anglet he dock differently so that it's easier to read while driving, but other than that good job.
Stealth: what I do before driving is set it up to a playlist and then attach my remote to the ipod, so looking at the ipod mini is not necessary, I just switch songs, volume etc. via the remote
Sekzi, the volume on the ipod should be all the way up; then adjust the volume on your head unit. You get less background static that way
ya thats what I do, I also installed a ground loop isolator to eliminate the hum, so it sounds great.
Hehe, I tried a ground loop isolator in my setup between the distribution amp and the head unit- and it just caused MORE huM!! but then I put it in between my neons and the DA, and it all went away
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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