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Irritating noise around Solara visor/sun roof

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There is a slight, rubbing, irritating noise somewhere around my visor/sun roof area right above my head whenever I drive about 25 MPH in my 2000 Solara. I've asked the Totota service depts. to see if they can figure it out, but they have never been able to. So, it's been an irritation for 8 years.

Any ideas what might be going on? What might be going wrong?
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You can try narrowing the suspects and (hopefully) zero in on the problem eventually.

I'd start by putting the sun visors in a different position. If there's no change there try opening the moon roof and/or sliding the cover panel back.

You might also try driving the same speed but in a different gear to see if the noise appears at a speed other than 25 when you have the shifter in low or second rather than drive.

Of course if you have an overhead console on your car make sure nothing has fallen into the sunglass or remote holders or any other overhead compartments. Even a very small item vibrating against a plastic surface can produce an annoying rattle.

If none of that works have a passenger use a stethoscope (even a short length of old garden hose works) to try and track down the exact noise area. Once that's done you might be able to find a spot where you can put a small shim behind a piece of trim to remove the vibration.

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We had a similar type problem with a 94 Camry. We discovered that Lexus at that time was having the same problem. Anyway I ordered part number 63239-33011. These are long hard rubber strip that are used behind the rubber and fixed our problem.

Something else you can try is using CRC Heavy Duty Silicone on the rubber. Wipe the rubber clean and keep a cloth behind/under the rubber and spray. The silicone lubricates the rubber and cuts down on wind noise. I have used this for years on my door and window rubber. Works great.

Hope this helps.
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