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Is a daily touchless wash bad?

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Is using a touch less car wash everyday bad for the paint finish?

If you wash, clay, polish and wax your car would daily car washes deteriorate your work or help maintain it??

There is a local gas station with a season pass for touch less car washes. 90 straight days of car washes for 156 bux. I was planning to take advantage of this.
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Why would you want to wash your car everyday? Just because you can? That would just be absurd and a waste of resources. In addition, each time you washed it, the wax could be washed off. You don't know how harsh those detergents are that they use.
That would just be absurd and a waste of resources
and your time. you should just wash your car once a week and wax once a month
That is useful for some people who rely on the appearance of their vehicle for business, like real estate agents, sales, and also commercial service /fleet vehicles.
If you own 4 or 5 cars, then it would be worth it. Is this the Petro Canada promotion?

Any less than that wouldn't be.... your best bet would be to find a few friends or family members and split the cost with them.
It would be useful if you owned a car lot =P

But as Phat said, only worth it if you own multiple cars.

Dont wash your car every day =P
The problem with touchless carwashes is they use harsher chemicals to wash the crud off your car since theres no brushes. And I certainly wouldnt wash my car every day no matter what business im in.
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