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Is CF1 out of business

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I've been trying to get my money back from the Headliner groupbuy With no results. It seems they are avoiding my calls now, because I call well within business hours and always get the answering machine. Can someone who is over in California call them to see if they actually pick up (562)404-9877
I'm wondering if they are out of business or what? I'm bever dealin with them again.:disappoin
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From what I hear, they're still around but they slow down on CF production during the winter. They are still around. I will find out if I can get an email address of someone there for you.
Weird. I've always had good dealings with them. Great guys IMO.
they seemed OK to me... but I'm saying, I call almost daily to get the answering machine several times a day. I spoke to someone before around the time of the SEMA show and they said they'd have a check out to me soon... check never came, fine.
I spoke to someone again, they ended up sending me the money via paypal, but my email addy wasn't confirmed so the money got nounced back to them. I called again, they said they'd resend it. never did, and I've been calling everyday since.

It's $100, if it was like $10.. maybe even $20 i wouldn't make a big deal out of it.. but I want this $100 so i can put towards my Tokico Struts or something... >.<
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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