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is it the same?

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hey guys,

on my camry, there's this little silver box sittin gjust under the ignition coils. i think it's called the igniter, but i've heard it referred to as the ignition module. it's a little bit bigger than a pack of cards. is it the igniter?

anyways, my question is, do any other toyota cars (or any other cars) use the exact same part? i think that's what is dead on teh camry, and when i looked online, teh igniter is 380-440, when i went to NAPA and showed them the piece, tehy said 218 bucks, but if it's not the problem, they can't take it back because it's an electrical piece. so does anyone know of any other cars that use teh exact same part, and also what it's called? thanks
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i'm not sure, hopefully i'll get a chance to check tommorrow. i'm gonna hopefully transfer it in my name tommorrow, but i might not get a chance to look at it (it's sitting at my aunt's house cuz it died on me on teh way there)

i doubt i'll get to look at it because it's my bday tommorrow and i know my mom's gonna like make me stay home and shit:mad:
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