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Is it worth to get ECP for 7 years?

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Hello everybody. Just wondering if it worth to get the ecp for Sienna 2023 XLE? Everybody at my dealership was insisting that I should get it, but I am still thinking.
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Extended warranty on a toyota? I would invest the money instead.

If this were a hyndai/kia yea good idea. I've wasted my money on a camry warranty, nothing went wrong with it within the period and they give no money back for unused warranties, Pure 100% Profit.

They must have some Really, Really big parties...
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They offer roadside assistance and free maintenance up to 48000, oil change, but not filters change (air filter and habitat).
I had Honda CRV in the past and Toyota Corolla and don't remember having any issues in the first 4, 5 years, so it seems to be a good deal for Toyota just to sell this ECP.
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