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Is mechanic overcharging for axle boots/parts?

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I ran a search and didn't find too much on getting the axle boots replaced by a mechanic since most people here are DIY'ers, which I"m not :(

I got an estimate of the following parts and labor for $774.11, at Firestone Tire and Service Centers. Are they overcharging?

Half Shaft front left total: $287.08
-CV complete assembly: $160.08
-Remove and Replace CV joint each: $42.00 (what is this?)
-70 slide puller labor: $85.00 (what is this?)

Half Shaft front right total: $202.08
-CV complete assembly: $160.08
-remove and replace CV joint each: $42

Lifetime Alignment Service: $189.99

Transmission Fluid Flush: $89.99

What do you guys think? Is it a high charge? Should I go elsewhere?

I ran a search on google, but the costs I pulled up were between $495-$600 that didn't specify the breakdown.
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Oh by the way, it's for a 1997 Toyota Camry LE (2.2L DOHC inline 4) with 89.000 miles.
i was quoted $300 for both sides at a local shop for parts and labor for a 93dx i4, which i thought it was over priced, and didn't do it yet, somehow the click noise went away.
Yeah, that sounds a little too expensive. I would shop around if I were you
Man, for that kind of money I hope they at least buy you dinner and drinks first. Sounds like yota sex to me.
Get a quote from a real Toyota dealer, not some chain. They are going to charge you retail for every little thing.
yeah, that's more than a bit pricey. I just did the p/s axle...bought a reman from NAPA for less than 100 bucks.
get an estimate at another garage...
I got my entire front right axle replaced after not fixing a tear in the CV boot :hammer: Cost $200 + tax, with a lifetime warranty on parts and 12mo/12k on labor at Firestone.
its probably cheaper to get a garage to just replace the axles instead of them replacing the cv boots (if you got to do both on there), you save money on the labour, and rebuilt axles are dirt cheap, barely 100$ each after the core charge
When you get an estimate at another shop, dont tell them how much the other shop estimated it for you.

I got both my axels replaced with labor and wheel alignment for $390.
That's crazy, up in the 700 price range for replacing cv boots? Go to another shop fast or buy a manual get the parts and do it yourself. If you need help, the forum is here. It should NEVER ever cost that much just to replace cv boot axles. Even if you had to change all of them, all 4 cv boots from left to right (front and rear) at most the price should be 400 from a real professional shop. Go look around dude, definitely not worth it....its a scam.

I appreciate the quick and thorough responses. I was a little worried and desperate (1 of 2 needed daily drivers) because the camry would need this service.

I'm glad I came here to verify price before just getting it done there.

I'll be sure to shop around locally (I got that quote from a city-shop) and get back to you guys.

Oh by the way, on the sheet labor is $84.00/hour, is that on the high side?
they are double charging you for labor.? i got both boots fixed for 300 w/ labor.
No, the quote I got of $700+ includes labor. They posted their labor rate of $84 on the bottom of the estimate sheet.

Ok, I got a couple more estimates:

Midas: $540
-$480 for axle replacement
-$60 for alignment

Firestone Locally: $738
-same as original post, only outside of the city

Aamco: $40 + service
-$40 for a "diagnostic test", then additional cost of service

The quote of $774 that I originally obtained, included a "lifetime alignment" for $120 and tranny flush for $90. Subtract both of those from $774 and you'd see they actually charge $564 for axle replacement.

Since they charge more for the axle replacement alone and double the cost on the alignment, I think I'm just going to Midas to get a $540 axle replacement/alignment done.

Thanks Guys
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i called the parts store and they said 60bucks per axle with a core exchange.

ask yourself do you really need an alignment?

the flush sounds about right but wait for some specials i got mine done for 60bucks.

-Remove and Replace CV joint each: $42.00 (what is this?)

they are charging you to remove and install a new one

-70 slide puller labor: $85.00 (what is this?)

they are charging you for something they do not need to use

if all your doing is replacing the axles than get a book and do it yourself. then go and find another place to flush your tranny and do an alignment.
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if you are pulling the axles, don't you have to drain the tranny?
amerikim said:
if you are pulling the axles, don't you have to drain the tranny?
that takes more time, put a drain pan under it, if it leaks, so be it, if it dosen't, then its even better
Holy shit dude. The CV's are easy as hell to do yourself.

Believe I know, I just went through hell with mine.

Oh and a break down:

Trans flush, not entirely necessary.

-Remove and Replace CV joint each: $42.00 (what is this?)
Covers removing the calipers, removing torque plate, undoing the hub and pulling the joint out, then removing the old joint completely, and then replacing vice a versa with a new joint.

-70 slide puller labor: $85.00 (what is this?)
A specialized tool that pulls the joints out, usually used for the drivers side (more of a bitch). Cost here is prob covering the cost of the tool, and not so much the labor.

-CV complete assembly: $160.08
Go for 60$ with a 50$ deposit (which you get back, unlike the shop) for the part at NAPA, which includes everything - remanufacture price here.

Don't need it:
Lifetime Alignment Service: $189.99
Add on cost, making you pay extra. You don't need this. Just get regular alignments. Some people say you need an alignment after pulling the CV's, they are lieing.
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This is a quote I got from a local shop that just got started by a guy who just went independant.

"I will take your trans in and out for about $250.00.I can get you new cv shafts for about $125 installed.I will put your struts on you car for $50 a strut. I will cut you a package deal on the job . "

Prices are based on me supplying the trans, shocks/springs and him supplying the CVs.

Just a guideline. And we are a town that has lots of those chains that also will not install other people's stuff. I especially avoid chains like Firestone who has to make such a huge margain on parts and ding me on labor. I am poor enough.
$700?!?! Way too high...

I had all my boots replaced at cv pros for under $150. The current price in the latest advertisment is $200 for both axles installed.

my 0.02
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