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Here are some wild symptoms: (who knows if any of this is related)

1. My VSC off, and VSC on lights are stuck on.. so is my emergency brake light (no the e-brake is not engaged) on rare occasions they are off, but always come back. Took it to the dealer today that said my rear brakes are bad and this is causing my lgiht problems.. they wanted $280 for the rear brakes, I can replace the pads and rotors myself for less than half. (not even sure I need rotors) So i will let you know if this fixes it?

2. Very infrequently (but enough to notice), when I start up my fuel gauge is bottomed out as low as it can go, and of course the low fuel light is on. This usually corrects itself on the next startup or so.. Again the dealer today said I need a new fuel sending unit for $250 or so.. I can live with this problem until it stops working all together?

3. Randomly I have nights of repeated car alarm going off (factory car alarm) Dealer could not find anything wrong, and suspected I have a short somewhere.. but no clue as to where?

4. And finally this has only happened once or twice over the last 2 years.. but I start up the car and it runs really really rough.. will die at idle. I suspect this was poor fuel.. but not sure. (this has not occured in months, and has not occured since the other things listed above have occured)

So any insight is most appreciated. Thanks!


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1. Fill up the brake fluid to the very top and see if the e-brake warning light goes off and stays off.
2. Use the trip meter or the DTE function on the rear view mirror.
3. ?
4. Buy some octaine boost (cleaner) or some other fuel additive and see if that helps. I've also read that "seafoam" well but have no personal experience with it.
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