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is my cruise working like it should?

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the cruise works... but, for example, when i have a speed set and i have to stop, it won't resume. i have to set the speed again. it also seems to kinda "time out" so after a while of foot control, it won't resume.

this car has it's foibles - not all of which are bad, by any means. if i forget to lock my doors the dome light stays on - lol - which works only at night, but is better than nothing!

so is that the way yours does, or is mine strange?
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I'm not sure about the cruise control, but the dome light stay on for about 30 seconds if I forget to lock. Check the owner's manual.
Well, the cruise control will not resume if you're under 25MPH It seems to work fine for me if I "cancel" and them "resume" for cruise control, but i never tried substitution cancel with a braking motion. By nature i disengage cruise before i hit the brake pedal.
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