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is my transmission slipping?

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i have an automatic transmission. i jsut today that sometimes when i accelerate, just as the car shifts i get a small moment where there seems like there is no power then it catches again and continues? happened once before but today happened a few times

is my transmission starting to slip? am i going to need to replace my entire transmission?

too dark out to really check anything tho
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Does it do it more warm or cold? How many miles on the car? Have you changed the tranny fluid?

If you have not changed the tranny fluid in quite a while (or never):D . Then I would do a quick drain and fill (not a flush) This will get out about a third of your old tranny fluid. Run it for 1000 miles or so and do it again. In the mean time see if it is getting better or worse.

well, first at least check the level of fluid, easiest solution.
uh it's got 276000 kilometers on it.. no idea what that is in miles...
i just changed my fluid like... < a year ago
it was warm when this happened (i just drove about 1.5hrs on highway before it acted up)

o yea i checked the fluid. it's full
and from the dim light i had... the fluid was still redish
I have seen trannys with their guts laying in the pan that still ran( don't know how!) and I have seen something as simple as a metal chip or a seal leaking that will cause all kinds of problems. Sometimes I think trannys are like computers, it is not all science there is a little black magic involved!:D
What year is it ? Did you try to pull any codes?

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