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Is the 1995 Tercel OBDII?

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I know this might sound n00b but is the 1995 Tercel OBDII? I tryed check a CEL with a paperclip and no dice does nothing at all. I was wonder since 1994 Camrys are OBDII couldnt my car be OBDII too? How can I check if its a OBDII car?

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Yes, most Tercels in 1995 were OBDII.
wasn't all cars after 94 for sure to be OBDII? minus the cars that were already on production line? i forgot what year was the for sure mark for the change...
No, Toyota didn't comply 100% until 1998. There was a big lawsuit by the government about it.
Try this: open the fuse box by the driver's knee. If you see a connector for OBD2 (about a dozen pins, in two rows, in a sort of oval shape), then it's presumably OBD2. (That's where the connector is on my 99 Tercel, anyway).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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