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Is there a next-gen Landcruiser already available in Europe?

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I was browsing Toyota Landcruisers one day, and came across a European Lancruiser with a newer design than the American Version! <---pic

I Love the way it looks, and it appears to be a cousin of the Lexus GX470. The current U.S. Landcruiser is substantially out-dated, and I wonder if this newer Landcruiser design will be realeased in the U.S. (possibly 2006?)

Does anyone know anything about a Landcruiser redesign???
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That is the Lexus GX, but only the JDM/Overseas version the Landcruiser Prado. Lexus got all the Landcruisers that Toyota of North America did not use and just renamed them . There is 4 different Landcruiseres made by Toyota.

* Land Cruiser 100
* Land Cruiser 70
* Land Cruiser Prado
* Land Cruiser Cygnus

It comes in 3dr and 5dr config

Model Land Cruiser Prado
Driving Type Four Wheel Drive - 4WD
Steering Position Right Hand Drive ( on the right side of car )
Transmission Type Automatic gear
Fuel 2700cc and 3400cc is available in Petrol only
3000cc is available in Diesel only
Passenger Capacity 5 persons . also available in 8 persons capacity
Engine Capacity Available in 2700cc, 3000cc & 3400cc
Engine Type Petrol engine type is DOHC
Diesel engine type is DOHC intercooler Turbo
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:disappoin sorry dude, toyota might discontinue the landcruiser. go blame the sequoia
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