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05 Impreza RS 2.5
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KE10 (I don't know what year)
KE20 1970's
KE70 1980's
FX16(or was it also called a AE92?)
AE100 1990's
(what is 2003 Corolla code?) 2000's
These are a few codes for the Corolla. I'm sure I've missed some.
You can find the code by the looking at the first bit of your vin # I think. I'd double check but it is too dark out right now.
I may have got the decade wrong for some of these.

86 AE86 GT-S Liftback

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since 1996
05 Impreza RS 2.5
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I think this list here covers every Corolla.
KE10 Corolla
KE15 Corolla Sprinter
KE16 Corolla STW
KE11 Corolla
KE17 Corolla Spriner
KE18 Corolla STW
KE20 Corolla
KE25 Corolla
KE26 Corolla STW
KE30 Corolla
KE35 Corolla HT
KE36 Corolla STW
KE50 Corolla/Trueno
KE35 Corolla/Trueno
TE47 Corolla/Trueno
KE38 Corolla/Trueno
KE55 Corolla/Trueno
TE51 Corolla
TE71 Corolla
TE72 Corolla
KE70 Corolla
AE71 Corolla
CE70 Corolla
AE80 Corolla
EE80 Corolla
AE82 Corolla
CE80 Corolla
AE85 Corolla
AE86 Corolla GT
EE90 Corolla
AE92 Corolla
AE95 Corolla 4WD
EE101 Corolla
AE101 Corolla
CE100 Corolla
EE111 Corolla
AE111 Corolla
CE110 Corolla
ZZE111 Corolla
ZZE112 Corolla
CDE110 Corolla
AE115 Corolla 4WD
ZZE121 Corolla
ZZE122 Corolla
ZZE124 Corolla
Nope this list is still missing a few.

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the VIN # does not indicate your chassis code.. you shouldn't make that confusion

if that were the case, everyone would be running around saying , "I'm looking for a ae88!"

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^*shrugs* I'm having a hard time finding anyone who knows about EE80 Corollas cuz I'm only finding parts for the AE80 and AE82 (some are interchangeable) and ppl look at me funny when I ask for it in the stores.

Most of the 'rollas here came with 4A-C , 4AG-E and a few with SR5 engines. *slaps forehead* I just had to go and get me one with a 3E :rolleyes: (Tercel engine BTW).

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ea8631 said:
I have a AE71 wagon....seriously, is there any people own an AE71 here?
this is that crazy mofo that lives on my street i was tell you guys about

U still have the black GTS????
i thought that was gone long time go

anyways me like the wagon U've got

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You fookers no one says "look in the Corolla Sticky" off course:rolleyes: The chassis code list is there and if any of you guys have additions/corrections for the chassis code list in the sticky please PM me and let me know what!:D


since 1996
05 Impreza RS 2.5
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REN69 said:
Hey Gord, there was FX16 and FXGT for the ae82 and ae92. The FX was just the designation for the hatchback.
I know. Note the second list.

And who the fuck brought this post back from the dead? Some one did some archive digging.

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SSJ_Rolla said:
Im reppin tha ZZE130 -- 2003 - 2004 Corolla

Also known as the Altis in Taiwan :cool:
i remember Taiwan Altis is ZZE122
US 03+ is ZZE120
US 98-02 is ZZE110
US 93-97 is AE100

AE101 and AE111 are two door Levins...

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toyotaspeed90 said:
dude... if you have an EE80 then do a swap with a 4efte!! :thumbup:

the fx16 is an ae82
and the fxGT is an ae92.. that's what I said! :)

hooolala said:
hmm... i don't think they have trueno after 90's...

i might be wrong
They had Truenos and Levins right up to 1999. :D

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there is one common thing, if you all notice.... all corolla's are denoted with an "E" as the second letter.....

so yes, all corolla's are named E :D

(first letter is the motor mount version... as in... ZZ for 1zz-fe corolla, A for 4a-fe, 7a-fe, or 4a-ge powered corollas, T for 2t or 3t... etc etc....)... second letter is the chasis, or car... as in COROLLA :D
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