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Is there any decent AE86's in canada?

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Is it me or are all the AE86's in Canada Stock and Rusty? Is there any impressive corollas in the GTA?
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I don't think there are many in the GTA, the better ones that are in good shape are generaly in western canada, around BC and alberta. You might get extremely lucky and find one that hasn't been winter driven but I doubt it.
well actually I am currently building one pretty much from the ground up but I was wondering if there was really anyone else out there...
I stripped mine down to the shell and removed the interior......removed all the windows, professionally had the rust spots removed and bought new fenders......after the car had all it's bodywork done it was painted white, and now the car looks like new....I'm currently working on installing all my suspension and chassis goodies.....And the engine is sittiing on a skid waiting for it's 6 speed.....I'm not quite sure if this what you mean......:)
oh damn, sorry, I misunderstood :eek:: i thought you were looking to buy a decent ae86
yeah, my car is mostly stock looking and rusty in some spots
for more rusty corolla GT-S' and other old school cars visit

If you want to see the cars in real life, go to the Old School BBQ.
i see quite a few good ones in vancouver. but they're all owned by people not willing to sell. the ones for sale are in crappy condition
its just you... it all depends on who you know really, lets just say none of the '86 guys like to floss or even bother impressing others... like Jover who's posted above, and believe me, your not the only one building an ae86 from the ground up in the GTA... got pics of ur car in its current state?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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