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Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to replace a tail light in a 96 Corolla?

I inherited my dad's '96 Corolla and it's really a great car. Problem is
one of the rear brake lights is out. I figured no problem because I've
been replacing brake lights and tail lights all my life. Was I mistaken!
Well I remove the two screws on the left of the outside real light cover
panel that are concealed when the trunk in closed. Then I remove the bolt
that I see exposed in the trunk of the car that appears to be coming
directly into the trunk from the light cover panel. I try and get some
movement on the side of the panel near the two screw holes but light covel
panel will not come off so I can get to the lights themselves. I notice two
black pieces of rubber with small hollow cylinders that are affixed to the
inside of the trunk and I try jimmying them and then applying pressure to
them from the inside of the trunk figuring that maybe these two rubber
pieces hold the far side of the light cover panel securely to the
passenger's side of the car. Still no luck. I'm afraid if I try to force
the light cover panel I'm going to break it and I know that would not be a
wise thing to do. I figure there has to be an easy way to do this but I'm
just not seeing it. Can anyone please help me?

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Re: Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to replace atail...

have a 97 corolla. same lights as yours. when you remove the screws you
see when you open the trunk and the one nut (one i think) from the
inside of the trunk everything is off and the light assembly should come
out. take a screwdriver . put a rag around the blade as no to scratch
the car.pry straight out on the side of the fender where the light
assembly wraps around. proudly just stuck.once you get it removed the
first time it should be ok. remember mine was a bugger the first time.
had it about 7 years before i needed to replace any bulbs. good luck..
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