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is there only 1 color for the leather trim for Gen4 camry????

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hi, is there only 1 OEM leather color for a gen 4 camry??do they make black or grey?????

Thank You
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grey and tan for those years. For black leather-solara
do you know which ext color comes with the grey leather???
Gray or oak (tan) leather. Exterior combinations with gray interior were Super White, Blue Dusk Pearl, Blue Velvet pearl, Black. This from the 1999 Camry brochure.
Gray came with my Hunter Green Camry :)

Granted it's a 92', but things haven't changed much over the years.
you can get grey leather in Ruby Pearl for 1998.
The Camrys also came with Black in some areas
You can get a black interior in a 97-01 camry? Whoa, I don't think I would want one though, you would have to dust the dash daily. My sister has a Z24 Crapalier (mispelling intended), and it has a black interior, and it is always dusty, even after she cleans it.
I have a Lunar Mist, 2000, with gray leather.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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