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I am strongly considering purchasing a Tundra. I come from a Toyota family, right now my wife and I have a 98 Avalon and a 95 Corolla. The Corolla has 197k on it (great little car), and now that we are in a house I'm constantly wishing I had a truck to get materials from the store, etc. I think its time to get rid of it.

I'm looking at a 2005 SR5 V6 Tundra. Its got a 21k on it and the guy is asking for $13,500. This seems like a really good deal to me. He has it at the dealership having the ball joint replaced (under warranty) due to an apparently common recall.

Here are my reservations:

- V6. I've heard the V6 is underpowered for this size of truck. But at the same time, I will rarely tow something, and most payloads I have will be big in size, not big in weight.

- Gas (of course). What kind of mileage am I looking at getting on this thing? is saying 16-20 MPG. My Avalon gets 20 in the city, 25 on the highway. Doesn't seem that much worse. My drive to work is short, 7 miles, almost all highway. What are some real-world MPG?

- Resale value. Will a V6 hold its value like the V8s do? Is the value of my truck going to plummet when gas prices go to $4?

Thanks for the help, this forum has been a great resource to lurk on.
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