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Is this the cab rattle?

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From almost the time I first bought my 2006 X-Runner, I've had a motorcycle tie bar mounted to the front of the bed of the truck. Big heavy piece of metal, bolted securely across the bed.

Last week I took it off since I don't haul the bike anymore. Now, every time I go over any rough pavement, there is a clanging noise from behind me. Sounds like a metal on metal sound, almost like if you had a big pot with a lid behind your seat, and the lid was bouncing on the metal pot. Closest I can describe the sound.

I really don't know why taking the bar off the bed would cause this, but it really was instant. I'm tempted to put it back, but was planning on trading the truck in soon, and wanted to keep the bar.

I never really knew what kind of sound was caused by the cab mounts, so I don't know if this would be a TSB type of fix.

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