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Is this the cold start switch ?

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My Girlfriends 89 camry has been having a really hard time starting lately. I went to check the cold start switch and noticed this connecter was loose. The connection was just was very britle and felt apart. The car will no longer start. Is this the cold start switch or is the cold start switch the one with the brown connector. If any one can help me determine what these two connectors are that would be great! The car is an 89 camry with a v6

Thanks Daniel

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The one under the brown connector is the cold start time switch. The one that appears to have broken is the coolant temperature sensor (Toyota calls it an ECT sensor). Be glad. You can pick up another coolant temperature sensor for around $30 for an aftermarket one. The cold start time switch is a dealer only item that sells for around $90. You will have to remove the broken part of the sensor from the connector before installing the new one. When you have the new one in your hand you will know what I mean.

Thanks , would that be giving me my hard starting? Or will i still have the same troubles?

I would assume that since the main computer can not get an acturate (if any) reading of the engine temperature (via the coolant temperature) that it could indeed be your problem. I'm not absolutely certain of that, but either way that coolant temperature sensor has to be replaced. I would replace it and then see if the car starts. It most likely will, IMHO.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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