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YUM YUM, looks like the Nissan Cube to me (well the next gen). Nissan has come up with a nice eco lineup (Versa and now possibly the cube). Depending on price, i'd get a cube! That car looks awesome to me.

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The back looks like a Honda (the lights look sorta like the Stream) but the front.. i can't picture a Nissan logo on that grille...

I doubt it's a Honda though...

Toyota? hmm.. maybe the headlights but not the grille...


Maybe Nissan is closest.

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It some how shares the grille of new coming models from Ford and the rear is like that you'll only see on Hondas or Suzuki in Japan. I doubt it's a Nissan since Nissan's new designs are way more flashy than that.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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