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Is TN loading very slow lately?

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Or is this just me. It takes forever to load pages. Sometimes it's ok, but then it gets so bad that I get timeout errors. Do others experience the same?

I have no problems with other websites.
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It's really bad at the moment, took me 4 tries and maybe 5 minutes to even be able to load my own post. All other webpages are fast, and I even did a speed test at The results are below, pretty good:

Anybody else, or just me?
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theres no problem for me. it loads up like usual. i dont think this is the issue, but i know comcast has a bandwidth limit or cap. if you exceed that, it goes down to 56k speeds. but since other pages load up quick for you, its unlikely.

try this:
Stop lookin @ porn when you are on TN = problem solved! :naughty:
Try restarting your browser if you've been visiting picture-heavy sites. Those pics get saved in the browser cache, and it can start taking up a LOT of memory and slow down. Once you restart your browser, it should be back to normal.

I haven't noticed TN being any slower lately than it normally is. Some of the ads load slower than others, so that causes the whole site to bog down while waiting for the ads to load.
if u mean slow as in, not a lot of people replying like before, then yeah. but other than that, seems ok to me :thumbsup:
TN is THE slowest forum I visit... always has been...
if u mean slow as in, not a lot of people replying like before, then yeah. but other than that, seems ok to me :thumbsup:
ya this place has been a dead zone lately
It seemed slow a few days ago. Its fine now. :Bruce:
Seems all good to me
Now, if you want to quit waiting for it to load...

If using IE 7, you should change the settings on storing pages. Go to Tools, Internet Options. Select the advanced tab and scroll down to the Security Section and CHECK the box for "Empty Temporary Internet Files When Browser is Closed". This setting saves all pages you visit and tries to load those stored on your computer each time you go back to a page. Eventually though, it slows down your system (when you get thousands of pages in there...and that doesn't take long!) to the point where it's slower for it to search through all those pages until it realizes it has an older copy and then loads the new page.

To be even faster switch to Firefox (trust me on this, to load my comcast page for e-mail it takes IE7 10 seconds to load versus Firefox 3 seconds!). 2 things you need to do in order to speed up Firefox too. First, find the settings in there to also delete the temp files when you close the browser (Tools, Options, Privacy...Under private data check the first check box and click on the settings to make sure the cache is checked, and anything else you want to clear each time you close the browser). The second thing to do is install Adblock Plus. This will save you tons of time because it won't load up all the ads anymore. Go to Tools, Add-ons, click on Browse all add-ons. It'll take you to the add-ons page. Adblock Plus is the second one down on the right under Most Popular.

I used to wait and wait for TN to load using IE. Once I switched to Firefox with Adblock Plus, it's almost instantaneous every time!

Of course, now I'll probably be banned for pointing you in the direction of blocking the ads.:ugh3:
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No one going to ban you, I do the same with FF, but it still loads slow at times.
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