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I'm having a strange issue with my 2014.5 Camry Hybrid. We have the Entune system with navigation and backup camera. The other day I turned the car on and noticed the nav screen colors were inverted. The blue theme looks orange, red icons look blue, etc. also the backup camera will not load. In reverse the screen freezes but does not show the camera anymore. Also the steering wheel controls no longer work. No response when pressing any buttons. :frown:

I can't find anything out there with these symptoms. I've tried updating the Entune software, resetting everything to default, unplugged the battery to restart the head unit, etc. Everything is stock- there are no mods.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I can also try to post some pics once my phone finishes charging. Thanks!!

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I've heard of a lot of issues such as this on the Tacoma forum. Many radios had to be replaced. Most likely a bad solder joint on one of the boards.

Its too bad, Entune is garbage even when it works right IMO. For what it costs, it does not like up to its asking price.
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