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Issue with trucks steering

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Hey everyone,

First off, thank you up front as I have no clue what would be wrong.

The steering wheel can turn to the left without the wheels turning at all. With the wheel upside down, it will start to turn and when I get about 3/4's of the full turning distance, it feels like it gets stuck and I have to pull hard to get past that part, then it will turn smoothly, (U Turns can be scary).

When I'm driving straight, the steering wheel is sideways, or completely upside down.

I checked the steering wheel shaft, but honestly have no clue what to look for. Only affects turning to the left. Anyone have any issues like this?

Thank you all for any ideas!

Edit: This is a 88 Toyota Pickup 4x4 6 cyl.
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There's a couple of things that could be worn on the steering:

the steering box
tie rod ends
idler arm
ball joints
rag joint

get under the truck and have someone slowly turn the wheel hwile you look for the source of the play
You can also download an 88 FSM. SEARCH this forum for threads with links to it.
if you are turning the steering wheel and you get no movement at the tires i would check the slip joint at the steering column,then i would suspect like "fourwd1" said steering gear. there is still a mechanical link between the steering wheel and the steering gear so i would make sure to check the steering shaft at the column good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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