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So i dont really offroad my truck much.. its a 1996 toyota hilux-4x4.. i dont use the front drive much.. once a week I just drive couple miles on H4 but i rarely use L4.. so i decided to give it a go.. i put it in L4 while stopped.. i couldn't find the gear.. eventually after couple of attempts i got it.. then i put it in 1st gear.. i got the truck to move 2 feet.. then i thought it is fine.. so i move forward.. slowly.. i popped the clutch a little bit fast and then i heard a big noise from the bottom of the truck.. seemed like the gear slipped out.. i dont know if thats bad or i broke something or what.. but there nothing really smelling or anything.. no leaks.. H2 works fine and H4 still works fine.. can somebody help me??let me know what actually happened... thank you..
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