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92 pickup xtra cab
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ok, so i've started to collect parts for my planed lift. I'm looking at about 3" all the way around via upper control arms (thanks sublininal) and new torsion bars, along with new ball joints and bushings and new leafs and most likely some new shackles in the back.
the truck thats getting this is a '92 2wd extended cab 22re.
i should have all of my parts by the time it warms up here. right now -20/30 is a bit to chilly for me and 2-3 feet of snow really limits where i can wrench.
i'll be taking pictures of the progress and any problems that arise (i know there will be some shit that come out of left field)

oh and if some one can explain to me how to throw up some pics, because i've looked around and i haven't found anything, that would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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