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it's great for mid to high rpm power but sucks for emissions and low rpm daily driveability without lots of work

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No reason it can't be done.
The choice of the throttle body size would make or break it for how well it drives at low throttle openings.
A large throttle body with large chokes will be fun at high revs but useless at low revs.
My thoughts would be a 40mm throttle plate with 32mm-34mm chokes but a professional tuner would be able to give better advice than me.

Weber throttle bodies are easy to find in a range of throttle and choke sizes.
Design your manifold around the Weber bolt pattern and you will be able to tap into this large range of parts.

But don't do what that Ebay auction did.
He joined the shafts end to end.
The end throttle will not move quite as far as the middle throttles and gives trouble at small throttle openings.
Have the accelerator drive a single shaft, that shaft then has individual rods attached to each throttle body.
That way all the throttle plates will open at the same time and will have exactly the same opening (critical for fast response at low revs).

With care, you could choose to keep the Toyota ECU and injectors or choose to go aftermarket ECU.
And Weber throttle bodies have the choice of using open trumpets or a pair of rectangular filter pods.
Measure first to make sure you have room to put the filters on.
You might have to use a downdraft or angled configuration instead of sidedraft.

Of course, $$$ may be the final arbitrator.
6 ITB's cost a lot.

- Stepho

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What I was thinking is search around for pre existing setups as in wha the honda guys did and find a bike or something that has ITB's and modify them to fit. The best bet that comes to mind is 3 GTiR SR20 modules with one shaft opening 3/6 itbs to maintain throttle response. That way I wont have to spend 2500 dollars on new universal itb's and they arent too big to maintain daily driveability. I need to ask my buddy Paul to bring his ITB's to Golden Gardens in a few weeks so i can make a quick template.

Any input is VERY welcome. Ill keep this posted and if it works out I will have a complete writeup.
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