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Yesterday was a most triumphant day! I bought a 1986 extanded cab rust bucket for $250. The previous owner was a real pig. Everything was wrong with it:
-window regulator screwed
-head lights would blink with signal lights
-ball joints
-Idler arm
-Front bearings
-front brakes
-Water squirter
-e brake seized
-back brakes and drums

But the longest to repair was the alternator. I didn't know that you had to remove the rad hose to get it out. I first tried to remove the alternator at -30 but that was too brutal. Holding the tools was burning me. Once I got the alternator out I looked at the brushes and the Commutator. Some kind of acid had ruined the commutator so it was time to look for a new alternator. A new one up here in Canada's frozen north is $250. Thats as much as the entire truck. So off to the wreaking yard. Found one that had the right plug and looked about right. $60. changed the Brushes. Had to switch pulleys. This was where I began to wonder if I had the right alternator. Taking the pulleys off was murder. 2 guys 4 hands 2 wrenches and a pipe wrench. Then the pulleys were not compatible. So off to the machine shop to get the pulley lightly milled. Put the alternator in truck at only -6 C. and the Tightening tab was on the right side of the alternator not the left side. there was a space of about 3 inches. So I made a piece of flat stock with a bolt welded on and a groove cut into it to spread the alternator out and tighten the belt. Finally after 1.5 years of farting around I started her up and took it was a ride! Yahoo!
The sun roof leaked all over the drivers side and created a ice block on the seat. The front diff sounds like a jet engine when the 4wd is engaged. The back box is about rusted out.There are a lot of things to address with this little baby, But at least I'll be able to go get some wood!

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i hear sawdust works great in the differential to quiet it down. ;)

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only a toyota owner would have gone through all that in -30 weather to get some wood to get warm. any other make/model of vehicle and they would have just set the car on fire...
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