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Its all about the numbers!

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Got my care dyno'd today....its a 91 n/a with an iceman cold air intake, custom headers and exhaust and im pushin 176hp at the rear wheel..i still need to install rockers, pistons and a new goal is 250 without a turbo...whats everyone else runnin?
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:thumbup: NOT BAD!!! I dont know... haven't got it dynod yet.
never dyno'd yet either....but best guesstimate with butt dyno....and a 108mph.....i'm guessing close to 300rwhp with current setup.....with a built bottom end and cams....i should be in 400 range in a few months.....
Whoa.. whoa... 176 HP at the wheels on a 5SFE with just intake, headers, and exhaust??

That doesnt sound right at all.
tahts impossible, i put on custom intake and custom headers and i was pushing 131 tq. and 105 hp to the its time for my 3sgte set-up
The only way those numbers make sense, is if you are talking flywheel HP.
There is no way 91 NA MR2 made 176 wheel hp with intake/exhaust/header.
NA??? I must have read this wrong. On a turbo... not NA. Lets see the sheet.
that's way off..... my ae92 (though it's heavier) has beat a 6th gen celica with a 20V in it... which is faster than the 6th gen GT (5s-fe powered).... and i'm pushing all of 109.6whp with my smallport

no way a 5s-fe is making that kind of rwhp with just simple i/h/e... those are rated like 130 crank hp from stock.....
Sorry for the mistake i meant at the fly-wheel but im havin a lot of problems with my engine and might swap
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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