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its gotten worse

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Well along with my problem from yesterday about my reverse lights being on, now they dont go on at all

Neither to my front and rear corner lights, they only go on with the turn signal and hazards

And my alarm doesnt make them light, now all that happens is the chirp noise

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The alarm is usually wired in after the fuse, so it sounds like wiring to me. The first thing I would check is the ground points, make sure the bolts are tight and there is no corrosion. Then I'd get a voltmeter and start checking the wiring. If there's 12v on one wire, and the bulbs are good, but they still don't light, you have a grounding problem, check them again. If there's no voltage, I'd suggest taking it someplace that can diagnose the problem.

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oooh i know what it is....follow the wire it may have grounded it self. where is the fuse located in the engine bay or in the car?
if it's in the engine bay and it runs through the fire wall check there it may have gotten cut.
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