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I've been 19 for about an hour and 45 minutes now. Well, I won't officially be 19 until 11:25AM but hey.

Dang, I never really believed it, but time really does fly. I remember my 14th birthday was the day I decided to save all my money so I could buy my own car, and not be forced to ask my mom or dad if I could borrow theirs, like my brother always had to do.

I'm just going to be lazy all day and have supreme control over the remote :lol:. I'll probably watch "Two Roads to Baja", "Dust to Glory" for the 100th time, and some CORR, then I'll most likely be sick of TV lol. Yeah it'll be a fun day.

Oh yeah I almost forgot! The Seahawks are going to whoop the Bears into hibernation :wiggle:. The team I want to win always loses when they play on my birthday. I said the Bears would win it all at the beginning of the season.

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy the lazy day. I'll be thinking of you while I watch the game on my HDTV (and the snow falls outside at temps just barely above zero).

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I'm 36 and by the way, Seattle lost...........

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