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it's kind of funny but still sad that after crashing my car i get my first piece of fan mail from someone who admired my car. i found his comment on my cardomain guestbook cuz i still go back to that site to see if someone signed it....once in a while(you konw you guys still do it) anyway he's like the noob from hell. just read this email an you'll see what i'm talkin about. he's like my little apprentice for official pimp automobiling

Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 14:42:20 -0400
From: removed for privacy Add to Address Book
To: "Josh Hoover" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re:

wow wow wow wow That is alot of stuff...I have a 94 Gold Camry and i
jus loved yourcar when i seen it i showed it to everyone and anyone i
could that week...wat happened to it anyway i looked on cardomain and
couldnt find it..anyway thanks for the reply and wats ya aim if u got one
so we can talk but ummm

Yea i have 94 Camry and its gold and i want it to look like yours but i
dont need it to run like yours saying as jus the exterior like body kit
,grill spoiler etc..I know nothing but the minimal about cars so
anything that gets done i have to go somewhere and get it done.So your saying
about 1000 or so for body kit shippinh,tint and spoiler right and where
can i go for them to put the body kit on..again thx for the help and
assistance and i hung a picture of ya car in my room..Yea i got a job and
can do wateva i want to it i see fit and also im 19..

One more question i bought a 1994 camry right i got shock and struts
how much u think would it be to get them put in and get my car inspected
and how durable u think the 94 camry is and how long u think it can
last if i keep care of it..Waiting for ya reply thanks again and ya car is
mad Crazy...Peace

oh and.....after many weeks of lurking i decided to come out an let the world know i'm still alive.....
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